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We work together

The importance of communication with your agency.   It’s understandable. Sometimes, you just want to do things your own way. You may be busy with other projects or simply in a bad mood and not in the best place to communicate with your agency. We understand these things happen. However, It’s important to also understand […]

Prioritize your subject

Your keyphrase should be included in your first paragraph of text on a page, getting right to the point and giving your seo phrase the priority that it deserves. First, educate yourself. We have a great article on keyphrases HERE, so if you’re curious what exactly those are, go read that and get back here. […]

Substantial & Unique Content

Content length has many benefits. We’d recommend at least 300 words of text for a page, giving opportunity to include your keyphrase. Pages with more text, rank better than those than less, but be sure your writing skills are up to it. The actual content is actually important. Don’t just write on about your content […]

Images & Alt Text

Images are detrimental without their information. Including images on a page is an additional opportunity to index a page, so long as names and alternate text are applied appropriately to support your subject matter. Google loves images but doesn’t recognize them without alt text. There are two parts to essential image SEO. Image filenames and […]

Internal Links

Help search engines navigate and index your site appropriately, affording importance to pages through links across your site. Users navigate a website with links. We hope you already knew, but if you need the education, links are clickable text included on your page which allow a user to be taken to a different page. These […]

Meta Title & Description

Setting your meta data yourself gives you more control to focus in on your SEO keyphrases. Make sure your keyphrase is present in both title and description for the most benefit. You may be asking yourself, what exactly is meta data? Meta data is the composition of the title and description Google pulls from your […]

Keyphrase Research

What’s hot, what’s not? Figure out what key phrases are trending in searches for your industry so you can set your seo accordingly.   If you’re new to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, you may be asking what exactly we are talking about. So to start off, let’s define SEO. SEO is defined by Google […]

SEO Using Headers

Using Headers

Make use of paragraph headers to contextualize text, increasing readability of your text and encouraging indexing from search engines. Use of your key phrase is essential and reinforces your topic. Paragraph headers are those formatting tools that allow you to visually and structurally break up your content through HTML tag elements. These usually look like […]

Bad Websites

Before we get started with the mistakes, let’s show you something you can do without help! Paradynamix is currently running a contest for all nyfights.com and talkbox podcast fans by giving away one SEO marketing package for one year. Visit https://seo.paradynamix.comnyfights/ to enter. And now, the mistakes. In todays day and age, your website can […]