We work together

The importance of communication with your agency.

It’s understandable.
Sometimes, you just want to do things your own way. You may be busy with other projects or simply in a bad mood and not in the best place to communicate with your agency. We understand these things happen.

However, It’s important to also understand that your agency has your back.
You hired us to do our job the best we can, and you should trust us to do that. When we call, email, or even text to reach our and schedule a meeting, it’s not to waste your precious time. Our time is important too, and we only reach out when it’s important.

Declining calls from your agency, not responding to texts, and ignoring emails are detrimental to your relationship. While mistakes happen, to continue a healthy relationship and receive the full benefits of a agency partnership, clients need to ensure they keep their side of the communication channel open and available.

If necessary, let your agency know when you’re going to be unavailable, or that you’d like to adjust your communication so it becomes a better fit. At the end of the day, better communicating these necessities will improve your return on investment.