Bad Websites

Before we get started with the mistakes, let’s show you something you can do without help!

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And now, the mistakes.

In todays day and age, your website can be the reason you fail. You wouldn’t come to a sales meeting dressed like you went to sleep, would you?

A website is just that, a sales meeting. That is, a sales meeting between you and most of your customers! That’s why you want a website that’s presentable.

Here are our top five most disappointing mistakes people make with their websites.

Text on images.

One of the most offenses can be found at Yale University School of Art: Home.The text type content places over repeating background images is simply inexcusable.

Unformatted Background Images.

Another one straight from Yale School of Art, repeating background images are just dangerous. We hope we don’t have to explain.

Would you wear your pajama pants featuring fish to your sales meeting? Probably not.

Bad Colors.

You can do what you’d like, but that doesn’t always mean others will like it too. And, when you’re trying to sell something, that might be important. Welcome MGBD Parts & Service.

Bad Navigation.

We understand wanting to get creative with your website. Everyone wants to put their own touch or brand into their presentation, and that’s okay. But, that’s also no excuse for lousy interaction. Your users want to go where they came to go, and don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for how to do that.

Not meeting design and expectations.

You would think the University of Advancing Technology would have quite the advanced website, and would understand the essentials behind a good website. Like intuitive navigation, or maybe updated design language? Unfortunately, this website lacks both, and a lot more. Customers want a website that is clean, simple, to the point, and easy to navigate. Don’t make a potential buyer jump through hoops that don’t need to be there.

That’s all folks.

In review, we don’t like to bash. We want our clients to understand and learn from the mistakes others are making, and how avoiding those pitfalls could help them knockout the competition.>


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